Buy, Barter or Beautify your Bike

Cork City Council, in association with Trendy Travel have organised a bike flea market
At this unusual event, which isn't simply a bike flea market any rusty old bicycle can be either sold, traded in or made into a piece of art. Sculptor, permaculture expert and bicycle wizard Rob Ireson will host a workshop on harnessing bike power and show the public how easy it is to convert your old bike into an amplified MP3 Player. In a bike workshop everybody can learn to repair a bike and for more serious cases you can bring your bike to a temporary bike hospital.

Contact: Sarah Danaher

Bike Art in the City Hall of Graz

Exhibition of paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures focussing on the bike, produced by the Modellschule Graz, Austria
As a part of the EU-project Trendy Travel students of the Modellschule Graz have worked on an art project named “RADhaus”. Some of the created art work was exhibited in the Youth gallery of the City of Graz and the Vice Mayor and the City’s Cultural Councillor were present at the grand opening on September 22nd
The Modellschule Graz leads one of the project areas focussing on “Pleasing the Eye” and aims to emotionalize cycling through pictures, sculptures and photographs.
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Contact: Andrea Winkler

Party in the Kindergarten St. Heinrich

As conclusion of the project Trendy Travel the kindergarten have organized a cycling-party.
The kindergarten St. Heinrich has organized a party at the Talferwiesen as a conclusion of the project Trendy Travel. Throughout a trail with different obstacles and traffic signs the children showed what they’ve learned at the traffic education courses. As an acknowledgement the kindergarten got a gift-coupon for a bike.

Contact: Franziska Mair

Learning to cycle in the kindergarten

Due to the EU-Project Trendy Travel children in the kindergarten will learn how to cycle.
At the press conference on the 6th march 2009 the EU-project Trendy travel has been presented. It’s organized by the township of Bolzano and the association Ökoinstitut Südtirol/Alto Adige in cooperation with the Stiftung Sparkasse. The aim of the project is to promote cycling already in the kindergarten. About 600 children will learn through different playful activities how to cycle, how to repair bikes and how to behave correctly on the street (general traffic education). Italian Kindergarten (Bambi, La Fiaba, Vittorino da Feltre) and German kindergarten (St.Heinrich, Gebrüder Grimm, Weinegg, Martin Knoller) will take part in the project.

Contact: Franziska Mair

Primary School Children create Picture Book

Primary school children in Bolzano have created their own funny but also educational picture book.
During the EU-Project TRENDY TRAVEL a primary school class in Bolzano has created an entertaining but also educational picture book dealing with the issues of cycling and traffic safety. The book, named "Trendy and his new bike" will be distributed to all kindergartens in the area that have also participated in the project. It links in with several activities that have been implemented in kindergartens ranging from kindergarten lotteries, bicycle learning programmes, training workshops etc.

Contact: Franziska Mair

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