Bolzano (or Bozen) is a city in the Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol region in northern Italy. The city has almost 100,000 inhabitants.
Bolzano has got an Italian-Austrian character, enhanced by the narrow cobblestone streets, Habsburg-era churches and pervasive bilingual signage. This unique flavour of a city at crossroads between Italian and Austrian cultures as well as its natural and cultural attractions make it a renowned tourist destination.
Furthermore, the famous ice-mummy "Ötzi" is kept in the local South Tyrol Museum of Archeology.

TRENDY implementations in Bolzano...
Pleasing the eye

ÖKI from Bolzano have developed a corporate design for cycling - which is a guidance on how to make cycling routes more attractive by providing benches, lightning, places for rest, fountains with drinking water, landscape architecture, highly visible bicycle traffic counting stations, information and marketing material that uses the same corporate design - modelled on metro networks corporate design, with signage, communication means, map, counters, merchandising products, giant posters, cinema spots. The know-how has been summarized in a resource pack that is now available for downloaded in 8 laguages for interested follower cities.
Children guide parents

During the project life time ÖKI/ Bolzano/Meran have:
  • Implemented the kindergarten lottery in 6 kindergartens in South Tyrol
  • Applyed the kindergarten bicycle learning programme in 7 kindergartens and in addition a training workshop for kindergarten staff
  • A bicycle trailer service enabled the parents of 3 kindergartens to try out device. Exercises and usage of run bikes were in addition to the normal training bikes to help less experienced/ younger/ more nervous children to first learn how to balance on a bike.
  • The kindergarten book of the EMOTION projects was translated into Italian language. In addition a second book was created in cooperation with primary school class in Bolzano. This book is available in German and Italien.
  • The bicycle workshop for parents and children was an additonal offer privided for parents and children of 5 kindergartens.
  • The Traffic education lessons were carried out by the City Police of Bolzano in 6 kindergarten with parents and children.

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