With a population of almost 378,000 Plovdiv is the second-largest city in Bulgaria after Sofia. It is also the administrative centre of Plovdiv Province in southern Bulgaria, as well as the largest and most important city of the historical region of Upper Thrace.
Beside being one of the oldest cities in Europe, Plovdiv is also famous for its ancient and diverse culture. The local industries are specialised on food processing, machinery, textiles, and chemicals.

TRENDY implementations in Plovdiv...
Raising the image

Video Clips:
Five funny clips and a 5-minute movie promoting cycling in urban environment were created. They are rather short, but full of humor, romance, ecology, nostalgia and reality. There is a suitable headline in both Bulgarian and English and a stop-shot that puts an emphasis on their message. You can see them here:

The Video Clips were promoted through the local media provider - "Plovdiv Public Television".

In addition, a flyer promoting cycling was created. It presents the bicycle as a reliable alternative as urban means of transprot and points out its advantages.

Media Connections:
Partnerships with the local television “Plovdiv Public Television”, the Plovdiv bicycle club ”Tzar Simeon”, club Veloevolution, the “green” site Gorichka, the University of Plovdiv and the municipality of Plovdiv were established.

On September 22 - “Day without cars” - The Energy agency of Plovdiv arranged a competition focusing on the means of transport - bikes, public transport and walking. On the finish line every participant in the competition shared their opinion and the advantages of the different means of transport with the local and national media journalists. Special promotional packages were made for the journalists including the brochure 20 good reasons for cyling, a flyer and a CD with the promotional clips.

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