The City of Martin in northern Slovakia, is situated on the Turiec river, under the Malá Fatra mountains, near the city of Žilina. The population amounts to approximately 59,000, which makes it the eighth largest city in Slovakia. It is the center of the Turiec region and the District of Martin.

TRENDY implementations in Martin...
As a follower partner in this area the City of MARTIN organized Martin`s Bicycle day (June), Merida Cycling Marathon (August) and Martin`s Feast during Mobility week (September)

Raising the image
In this area the City of Martin carried out the Educational Day with the Trixi Mobile

Pleasing the Eye
The City of Martin produced a resource Pack for Cycling Networks. This document, that can be downloaded free of charge contains important information about good design and the physical construction of cycle networks. Examples of three cycling networks in the City of Martin have been included.

Children Guide Parents
The City of MARTIN worked on the traffic education of children in kindergartens and organised painting contests, - “Me and my Bicycle“. Cycling trips were organised with kids and their parents and other events such as "traffic lights has two hands", "Interactive theatre about air pollution", "Talking Semafor", "the best friends", "recycling train" and "the traffic lights doesn´t have fear".

In addtion the kindergarten book of the EMOTION project was translated into Slovak

For more specific information about the implemented activities please refer to the download section

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