Györ is one of the five main regional centres of Hungary and situated in the northwest of the country. The population of Györ is about 127,000 and it is therefore the sixth largest Hungarian city.
The whole environment of the city has been inhabited since ancient times. Today Győr is one of the most important administrative and cultural centres of Hungary. The city is also a university town and a popular tourist destination.

TRENDY implementations in Györ...
Rituals provide structure

As a follower city to Cork and Aarhus, Györ (SIU) carried out 5 different activities as a start of a bicycle calendar. 3 of them are described in more detail below:

Bike to university month
Was an action to convince students about the advantages of bikes as environmentally friendly and fast vehicles. Programmes: presentations about the safe cycling behaviour, popularization of the “Bike-rental and leasing-system service”, bike shows, bike competitions (e.g. announcement of a competition among the engineer students to "Pimp up" bikes in the way as they soup up with their cars). Prizes are offered to incentivise participation, but it is hoped that the novelty, fun and international acceleration which the competition offers are the main appeal.

Spring flea market for used bicycles
Knowing the fact that new and trendy bikes are more likely to be stolen most of the city trekkers use old, shabby but handy bikes. The parking place of the university was the ideal place for this flea market, but it was not only visited by students but also by citizens of Győr

Bike competitions
Various activities like special quizes and races were organised to promote cycling. More detailed information about the activities done in Györ can be found in the download section under Event descriptions (D3.06) and Fact Sheets (D3.09)

Raising the image

Several activities were carried out by SIU to raise the image of cycling

  • Bike rental and leasing system service
  • Recreational cycling tours
  • SIU popularized the Trendy Travel campaign in the University homepage website and marketing campaigns within the campus
  • Cycle to Work & Cycle to University campaign (6 April - 8 May,16 September - 16 October)
  • University Development - new buildings are being built (Temporary location of bicycle racks, Temporary cycle routes were created for cyclists to ensure access to the campus)
  • Bike Rental System - 10 bicycles and accessories
  • Production of brochure “How to not get hit by Cars”

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