The city of Cork is situated in the southwest of the Republic of Ireland and its second largest city. There are about 119,000 inhabitants in the city while the population of the metropolitan area is nearly 274,000.
Cork owns one of the most important harbours of Ireland and at the same time one of the world's largest natural harbours. With a broad cultural scene and as an important educational centre, Cork is often described as the "real capital of Ireland".

TRENDY implementations in Cork
Ritualisation - Bicycle Calendar of Cork (CCC)

This task of ritualising bicycle events in a city by providing a bicycle calendar has been very successful in Cork. CCC organised several events throughout the action period with a peak of 12 events in 2009 (one/calendar month). The events ranged from “warm drinks for cyclists” in January to summer outdoor cycling activities to a fashion cycle chic fashion show at the end of the year. There was a large public response and the events attracted widespread attention in the local and national media: Examples were: Joy of Cycling campaign in April A Bike to be Elected in May a Bike to Work Week in June, a Rebel Pedal Parade in September and a Cycle Chic Fashion Show in November.
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