The city of Aarhus, also commonly known by its contemporary Danish spelling Ã…rhus, is the second largest city and the principal port of Denmark, situated on the peninsula of Jutland. Aarhus is the seat of the council of Aarhus municipality and claims the unofficial title "Capital of Jutland". Almost 300,000 citizens live within the city limits of Aarhus, while an additional 500,000 live in the surrounding local area. Aarhus is a part of the larger East Jutland area with 1,200,000 inhabitants that makes East Jutland the second most-populated area in Denmark, after the Copenhagen area. Trendy Travel activities were carried out in a number of municipalities in East Jutland.

TRENDY implementations in Denmark...
Ritualisation - Bicycle Calendar

These activities proved to be very successful and FEMMO organised several events including Bicycle Fair (March). Big Cycling Day in Herning (June), Day of Sustainable Energy in Aarhus (September), Climate week in the center of Herning (September), Lighting up the Christmas Trees on Bike in Randers (November) and Tour Dating as part of their implementation of a bicycle calendar

As in Cork, the bike year in Denmark was advertised in a calendar published and distributed locally.

Raising the image

Campaign bus:
A campaign bus has been organised to support events- particularly in the schools. It also has been carefully refurbished to transform it into a learning centre with interactive on board equipment .
More information about the campaing bus can be found in the download section (Deliverable D3.06 Event description)

­Pleasing the eye
Cork and Aarhus, Randers and Herning worked together with local design schools to develop attractive bicycle clothing and bicycle accessories that were presented in fashion shows.
More information about the Fashion shows can be found in the download section (Deliverable D3.06 Event description) and download section (D3.09
Fact Sheets)

Children guide parents

Back on your Bike Bicycle Training
Femmø provided 60 special training bicycles for tuition in primary and kindergarten schools. and for special occasions in Aarhus, Hering and Randers.
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