This section of the website lists "trendy activities" for the target group of Public Transport users and the partners who carried them out. The Dutch Railways (NS) has developed a pilot campaign and has made use of innovative story telling to support these campaigns. They have included: thematic stickers in the station areas, Posters, banners, redesigned bicycle parks, linking story points to Pleasing the eye campaigns. The NS has also provided an "incentive resource pack" based on learned lessons to be used by partner contatcts or other interested parties. A test laboratory has helped to distinguish customer preferences in that regard. A project in Austria has included the distribution of short story books to bus users intended to shorten their travel time.


The Dutch Railway provided a resource pack for improved station design compiling lessons leaned from NS activities for distribution among Public Transport Operators in Europe. NS wants to share the benefit of their research and experiment with other rail networks.

Therefore, they have also provided information about a study on health and railway (D3.04 Documentation of the Story Health and Railway).

In addition they have developed two promotional campaigns: sustainability campaign (Spring 2008) health and train campaign (winter 2008). NS also developed an additional Infotainment promotional campaign in spring 2009. A storytelling competition on positive travel experiences called "Time for Reading" was carried out and successfully completed in summer 2009. 158 stories were received and the top 20 stories were selected. Out of these stories 2 winners were selected.

The best stories from the Austrian Storytelling Competition were published in a book that was distributed to 21,000 passengers of the Styrian Transport Association.
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