Activities and implementations of the TRENDY TRAVEL project were organised under five thematic areas. Below is a list of the results from the different areas:

1. Storytelling

2. Rituals/Bicycle Event Year
  • Cycling Calendars from Denmark and Cork, Ireland
  • Various cycling activities that should be repeated yearly in Martin, Vilnius and Györ to be found in the Download Section

3. Raising the Image of Cycling
  • The brochure 20 good reasons for cycling is available in 9 European languages
  • 20 Fact Sheets about actions carried out to promote soft mobilily
  • Bicycle Climate Test, guidelines for the test and benchmarking results of the 2 Climate Tests carried out by all partner countries during the project lifetime

4. Pleasing the Eye

5. Parents are touched

  • An increased enjoyment of cycling among current cyclists and an increased public awareness of the attractiveness of cycling among the general public was observed in partners? locations. During the period of the action, an increased number of cyclists were recorded in Bolzano/Bozen, (modal split increased by 4%) and in Cork
  • The calendar of cycling events in the various partner locations has given structure and permanence to these events, and this will ensure that cycling will obtain a higher profile in these various locations in the future. Other cities/towns will copy these calendars like the example of Dublin (capital city Ireland) demonstrates. Dublin copied many of the events that occurred during the Trendy Travel project in Cork. Cork has now the reputation of having a very progressive pro-cycling policy.
  • In The Netherlands the Trendy Travel approach based on convincing stories and appealing surroundings (more attractive train stations) proved to help realising the goal of the Dutch Railways to that peoples associate train travelling with a healthier lifestyle and a more sustainable way of transportation
  • In Graz, Austria, the 10 best stories from the Austrian Telling Competition have been published in cooperation with the Styrian Association. 21,000 copies of this book have been distributed among holders of season tickets.
  • Through the various activities implemented in the kindergartens an increased awareness of environmental issues and sustainable mobility was observed. There is interest among kindergarten staff to continue developing these issues and to implement further similar projects.

For all Deliverables and results of the project TRENDY TRAVEL look at the Download section and the Deliverables
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