Success Stories

  • The successful implementation of the "emotional approach" to the promotion of sustainable travel was one of the key successes of the programme. Previous approaches such as outlining the health, environmental ("safe the world") and financial benefits have had limited success in attracting new people to cycling and public transport, and the Trendy Travel approach will be seen into the future as an effective approach in making sustainable transport, attractive, fashionable, etc. and to be seen as a cool part of life.
  • The power of storytelling was seen, particularly in Dutch Railways, as a powerful tool to develop the emotional of public transport and Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) intend to further use this approach into the future , because stories never ends.
  • Stories were also used very successfully in Austria, where the 10 best stories from over 340 received, have been published in cooperation with the Styrian Transport Association and 21,000 copies of this booklet were distributed among season ticket holders
  • The "Application"and in particular events and the calendar cycle year were very successful in providing enjoyment for existing cyclists and encouraging new cyclists by the high level of media attention received. Some of the events have now been integrated permanently into city policies.
  • The Trendy Travel website is a very powerful and easy to use source of an immense amount of material available to individuals, organisations, municipalities, etc. For use in the promotion of sustainable modes of transport.
  • The Kindergarten Programme was very successful in having a positive impact on parents through their children and this programme will be widely copied into the future.. There are examples of parents switching from cars to bicycles in order to accompany their children to the kindergartens. Furthermore several other municipalities in the region have shown interest in carrying out the same project.
  • Five funny emotional video clips were produced to promote cycling and sustainable transport in general. The clips have all been place on YouTube and are regularly viewed.
  • An audiobook of stories relating to sustainable transport was produced in English, German and Italian. It is downloadable from the Trendy Travel website and shows that scientific facts and figures are easier to communicate and will be remembered longer if they are presented in an entertaining form.
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