Parents are touched: Children guide parents

When children communicate messages to their parents or grandparents processing of the information usually doesn’t happen in a rational way but is a deeply emotional affair and more often then not the message goes directly to the heart. In this context children can often function as teachers of their parents and thus raising children becomes a two-way education system - both learn from each other. Children are almost always more open for, more curious and more interested about sustainable mobility. Within this area they are capable of influencing their parents more than anyone else. TRENDY TRAVEL has installed special tailor-made programmes in nursery schools and primary schools to capitalize on these findings.

Because children are often more open to new ideas and often are able to influence their parents the main target group of this task were children.

BOLZANO organized an extensive Kindergarten Programm with a Kindergarten Lotto, a Kindergarten bike workshop, Road Safety Education and Cycling Training using Flintstone bikes. Together with the kindergartens ÖKI organized information evenings for parents and bike parties at the end of the activities (bike-driving license for the kids, bike songs and lyrics,…).
FEMMO provided 60 training bikes for training in kindergartens and for special occasions in Aarhus, Herning and Randers)
VHCB organised various exhibitions and events of sustainable transport systems in all the schools in Vilnius.
MARTIN worked on the traffic education of children in kindergartens and organised painting contests, - “Me and my Bicycle“. Cycling trips were organised with kids and their parents and other events such as "traffic lights has two hands", "Interactive theatre about air pollution", "the best friends", "recycling train" and "the traffic lights doesn´t have fear.

More information about some of these activities can be found in the download section

In addition, 2 Kindergarten books were produced or adapted for the TRENDY TRAVEL project and are available in English, German, Italian and Slovak


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