Pleasing the eye

The visual sense is for most people the primary receptor of impressions. People are more open to things that please the eye. For this reason, design and visual appearance are a very important factors when travel behaviour should be influenced and changed - e.g. visual appearance and design are the prime motivators with regard to buying decisions for cars as well as for bicycles. To target these emotions TRENDY TRAVEL aimed to transfer this well proven model from the car industry to sustainable transport. TRENDY TRAVELhas addressed a range of diverse design issues, e.g. the appearance of public spaces, cycling accessories, cycling routes.

This task was concerned with the design and visual appearance of sustainable transport measures, e.g. appearance of public spaces, cycling network and cycling branding.
The following activities were carried out by the partners:

3 different Resource Packs were produced by the partners.

NS produced a Text Result Resource Pack on Railway Station Design identifying tools that can make the journey more pleasant and attract passengers. It compiles Lessons Learnt from the NS' activities and research among public transport operators in Europe.

BOLZANO produced a Resource Pack on a Branding Strategy for Cycling with recommendations on logos, guidance systems, communication and marketing activities.

MARTIN produced a Resource Pack on Cycling Networks deling not only with the physical construction of a cycling network but also on design elements that can help to improve a cycling network.

In addition, various other desing elements to be used to promote soft mobility were produced by FGM-AMOR and Modellschule Graz.
These were:
Emotional Photographs

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