Rituals provide structure: The bicycle-event year

Rituals accompany us through the year and are performed at regular intervals or specific occasions. Throughout history rituals have helped to structure human life, they often symbolise the passing from one phase to the other and often satisfy spiritual and emotional needs and therefore provide a sense of security and continuity. The objective of TRENDY TRAVEL was to reinforce existing events and introduce new events - in this way a calendar of events was created that supports sustainable mobility that can be applied throughout the year - every year. TRENDY TRAVEL mainly focused on cycling: therefore, the aim was to produce a bicycle-event calendar that created a long list of events to be used like a menu and to be applyed as wished - also by follower cities.

The activities of this task involved 2 partners that acted as leaders and 3 partners that were following

Leading participants in this task

Cork (CCC) and Aarhus (FEMMO) went through a full calendar programme for cycling. The cycling calenders of both partner can be downloaded here

Follower participants in this task
Martin As a follower partner the City of MARTIN organized Martin`s Bicycle day (June), Merida Cycling Marathon (August) and Martin`s Feast during Mobility week (September)

Györ As a follower partner SIU organised 5 activities: Pilot project of a Bike rental leisure service (September), Bike competition (September), Alley cat (September), Recreational tours (September) and Warm Drinks for cyclists (December).

Vilnius (VHCB) organised events such as: contest "My bicycle, me and my parents" held at schools and kindergartens (from November 2007 to April 2008), contest "My bicycle, me and my parents" held at schools and kindergartens (from November 2007 to April 2008), “Safe cycling on bicycles” (from September 2007 to May 2008), “To school on my bicycle!" (September) and "Clear air for all" (September 2008). “Ecological weekend’s tours with local doctors (June Bicycle - the new fashion in Vilnius” on 19 of (September).

More detailed information about some of these events can be found in the download section

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