Storytelling - Absorbing stories

Storytelling is an art and tradition that is much older than writing. According to the definition Storytelling communicates events and images with words, sounds and improvisation. Every culture has used stories and storytelling not only as a means of entertainment, but also for educational purposes, the preservation of culture and to instil values and morals. Good stories have the power to influence people and will often stay with them for the rest of their lives. To an ever increasing extent the marketing industry makes use of that fact. This is reflected by the utilization of short stories in advertisements. TRENDY TRAVEL has buildt on the same principle and used texts, picture stories, video clips, metaphors and analogies to anchor stories and generate new adventures that establish an place in peoples' heads and hearts.

Storytelling Competition...

During the TRENDY TRAVEL project the task of story telling was approached from many different angles and by utilizing different media.

Stories about soft transport modes created in Storytelling competitions in 3 different countries - Ireland, the Netherlands and Austria.
In total more than 500 stories were collected. For more detailed information and the chance to read the winning stories click here

Video Clips are also a good way to tell stories. Therefore TRENDY TRAVEL has produced several own Video Clips to promote sustainable modes of transport and also has collected Clips from other sources that can be viewed on the website

2 Kindergarten books have been produced specifically for the TRENDY TRAVEL project or adapted for the project. These books should be used in kindergartens to familiarize children with soft mobility modes, in particular with cycling. They are available on the website for free download in 4 different European languages. To view them click here

Several Comic Strips produced by well known Artist Chris Scheurer have been created especially for TRENDY TRAVEL and can be downloaded free of charge here

Last but not least: even a picture can tell a story! Students from Modellschule in Graz have produced colourful artwork that has been used by TRENDY TRAVEL to convey positive emotions about soft mobility and can be downloaded Text Result

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