a) Objective
The main objective of TRENDY TRAVEL was to show how sustainable travel can be made more attractive by appealing to and promising to satisfy people's emotional needs, so as to affect a modal shift from the car to more sostainable modes, with ensuing energy safings, emissions reductions and cost savings. This has been achieved by utilizing emotional approaches like:
1. Storytelling - absorbing stories capture listeners, readers and viewers
2. Rituals provide structure - bicycle events throughout the year
3. Raising the image of cycling - particularly in the New Member States
4. Pleasing the eye - good design for sustainable transport
5. Parents are touched: how children can guide parents towards sustainable transport.

This main objective was fulfilled through the following seven sub-objectives:
  • Removal of the main barriers: negative emotions and negative images and a general underestimation of the potential of soft policies and sustainable transport. This means a general change towards a more positive perception and attitude towards sustainable transport.
  • Anchoring of sustainable transport and soft policies in everyday municipal policy.
  • A high usage of facilitating marketing materials produced in Applications.
  • The creation of virtuous circles (upward spirals) for sustainable transport.
  • High impact dissemination on national and EU-wide level.
  • Energy savings through modal shift in the order of 2 million litres of fuel annually.
  • Spreading of this policy towards many more cities.

b) Achieved results
The TRENDY TRAVEL project ended in October 2010, after running for 3 consecutive years.
Some of the main results and outcomes of the project are described in more detail in the Result section of this website.
All deliverables produced during the project life time can be viewed in the download section. Many of the materials provided in the download section have been translated into various European languages and everything can be downloaded free of charge!
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